5Fetch store takes pride in employing the finest couturiers in Pakistan, We have a thorough stitching process where we give the customers the chance to get their outfits stitched on either a standard sizes (small, medium, large, x-large, x-large) or a custom size (for which a measurements form is sent to the customer or get through call). Once the outfits are stitched they go through a rigorous quality assurance process after which they are shipped/handed over to the customer. 5FetcH will not entertain any claims with regards to stitching products since the outfits are stitched as per the instructions of the customers. The customers can check out our detailed terms and conditions for stitching below.

Stitching Terms

  • Any Stitched product will NOT be entertained for exchange or return unless it’s defected.
  • The stitching would be done according to the picture; however, there could be some variation depending on the actual fabrics included in the product and on the embellishments available in the local market (example laces, ribbon, buttons, tassels, Pearls, etc.). Brands often use custom-designed embellishments on the dresses for model shoots. These are neither supplied with the product nor available in the local market. Hence we try our best to get and use the closest looking embellishment available in the local market.
  • There are cases where the stitched suit shown in the catalog image is using extra fabric. Sometimes even up to 2 extra suits. In that case, we try our best to make the most identical design using the single suit you purchased.
  • It is a very common practice of Brands to use extra lighting and photo effects during the model shoot. Which results in varying the catalog image from the actual fabric color. In that case, 5FetcH is not responsible for the change. We can only assure the product originality and not the actual color.
  • It may not be necessary that the embellishments shown in the image can be exactly applied to the suit. However, we will try to procure the most identical embellishments available in the market which will be of top quality and finishing.

Possible Delays in order

  • In case of any problem while processing your payment then the stitching time will be revised accordingly.
  • The Stitching time may be revised if our stitching team has any concerns during the stitching process. It may be about fabric limitation, inappropriate/incomplete measurements, or defective products. In this case, our stitching team will immediately contact you via email or call. Once resolved they will quote you the new estimated completion date.
  • The Stitching completion time is calculated from the launch date of the collection. In case of any delay in the launch by the brand, the customers are informed and provided with a new stitching completion date.
  • For international shipments, we deliver through DHL, FedEx and Skynet. It usually takes 4 to 7 working days to all major international destinations. There can be unexpected delays due to weather, logistical issues or custom clearance. In this case, 5FetcH will not be responsible for the abnormal delay from the courier company or due to any regulatory issues.

Product Add-ons

5FetcH has given an option to customers to add supplementary items along with their products, such as matching dupatta, trousers, original box, catalog image, etc. The matching fabrics are procured on an order basis from our trusted vendors. We try to match the colors as close as possible with the products however, a slight variation might occur with the original fabric color. Since the add-ons are procured based on the requisition of a customer, they are not entitled to exchange return or claim. 


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