A compehensive and detailed overview of our terms and conditions to facilitate our customers.

  • Communication
  • Any instructions regarding the order including but not limited to delivery, stitching, feedback, contents are to be given via email at the following addresses. In order to safeguard the customer interests and for proper record keeping, any correspondence made via call can be deemed void. The customer may be asked to send an email in order to back up the required changes or for feedback. 

Our Active Email addresses are:

[email protected] & [email protected]

1 REWARD POINT would be equal to PKR 1.  

  • The reward points will be calculated on the retail price of the product (before GST).
  • To qualify for our loyalty program and to redeem the points on our website you need to register an account on our website.
  • You need to accumulate at least 5000 points in order to use the reward points on our website.
  • In the case of Cash on delivery orders, the rewards points will be awarded once the order is delivered to the customer. In the case of prepaid orders, the points are awarded once the order is shipped. 5FetcH has the right to verify the delivery verification and issue reward points once the verification is made.
  • 5FetcH has the right to take back the rewards points or make adjustments in case of order cancellation.
  • The reward points will be applicable to the fabric price, stitching charges as well as add ons. The points will not be applicable to discounted/sale items and shipping charges.
  • You have to use your reward points within 1 year of accumulation. Points will expire in the order shape which they have been first earned.
  • 5FetcH reserves the right to update the policies and terminate the loyalty program at any given time without any prior notification to the customers.
    • Service charges and Exchange rates
    • 2Checkout/ Paypal & Credit Cards:
    • 5FetcH store uses a 3rd party payment processor (2checkout) to receive payments via PayPal since PayPal is not active in Pakistan. The exchange rates are at the behest of the payment processor and are beyond our control. 5FetcH store will not be held liable nor accept any claims with regards to the exchange rate once the customer chooses the option Mastercard/ Visa/ PAYPALon our website.
    • Payment for 2Checkout is accepted in US Dollars only. Payment via 2Checkout is done at no additional cost (unless the customer selects a currency other than USD). 2CO includes a credit card/debit card and PayPal. The customer has an option to convert the currency while on the 2Checkout website but currency conversion charges are applied. The conversion rates at the 2CO website are not set by us and cannot be undone once paid. 

    • Habib Bank Limited (HBL Payment Gateway)
    • Payment done via HBL will be at an additional 2.9% Bank charges which is added in the invoice total. Through HBL customer has an option to pay in PKR without any other charges or exchange rates application. Customer also has an option to pay in other currencies as well, in that case, conversion charges may apply. The conversion rate at HBL portal is not set by us and cannot be undone once paid. 

      GST and Other taxes

      In compliance with the Tax policies of the government Of Pakistan a 17%  GST (General Sales Tax) is applicable on all purchases w.e.f 1st July 2019. 5FetcH will not be held liable for any concerns regarding the GST For a more detailed overview regarding the GST please review GST Act. 

      Similarly, a VAT (Value Added Tax) or Customs Duty can be applicable to certain international consignments which are applied by the customs of the due country. A VAT is completely subjective to the policies of the said country and 5FetcH will not be held liable if there are any additional charges applied by the local authorities in terms of A VAT or Customs duty. The charges have to be borne by the customer. 

      • Shipment and Delivery
      • Our shipping timing for order delivery within PAKISTAN is 2-4 working days from the order processing date. For International Customers the delivery time is between 4 to 7 working days. In case if the product is on prebook, we mention the order processing date at the product page. In case if there is a delay in launch, the new order processing date is communicated via email
      • The delivery time for stitched articles is subjective and is clearly mention at the checkout page and order invoice. Also, there can be unexpected delivery delays due to customs clearance. The delay can go up to 4-6 working days.If the customer asks for a refund for orders paid via option PayPal/2CO/HBL without any error on the part of 5FetcH, a 5% service charge on the refund amount will be applied.

      5FetcH is an authentic seller which just stocks Original items. The nature of an item is totally subjective to the brand itself. 5Fetch Store won’t entertain any claims with respect to the nature of an item where the customer professes to have gotten a replica.

      If the customer has any concerns regarding the quality of the product we would encourage them to verify regarding the authenticity with the concerned brand.

      5FetcH has given an option to customers to add supplementary items along with their products, such as matching dupatta, trousers, original box, catalog image, etc. The matching fabrics are procured on an order basis from our trusted vendors. We try to match the colors as close as possible with the products however, a slight variation might occur with the original fabric color. Since the add-ons are procured based on the requisition of a customer, they are not entitled to exchange return or claim. 

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